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What Does a Las Vegas Towing Company Do?

What does a towing company do? Odds are good that if you own a car, you’ll need to use a towing company sooner or later. Luckily, it’s easy to understand exactly what a towing company does and whether you might need it. In fact, your car will let you know!

The main duty of a towing company is to secure your vehicle and bring it to a service station if you can no longer operate it safely. Transmission problems, brake issues or flat tires can all render a car or truck unsuitable to be driven on the road.

When you call for a tow company, your request usually goes to a central dispatcher who’ll let affiliated tow trucks in the area know where you are. When the tow truck arrives, tow professionals will secure your vehicle to the truck and bring it to a service station or your home. The towing fee is usually based on the distance towed.

Since they are in the business of bringing disabled vehicles here and there, most tow companies are affiliated with service stations. That means they can bring you directly to a local station and may even be able to offer discounts. However, they are not responsible for repairing your vehicle.

A Las Vegas tow company also has no responsibility when it comes to making sure that items within your vehicle stay safe: The company is only responsible for making sure the vehicle itself gets to its destination and that it isn’t damaged further while in the care of the business.

Virtually everyone who owns a car or truck has used a towing service at one time or another, so it’s a good idea to have a trusted Las Vegas towing company’s number in your cell phone or glove compartment!

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