Top causes of flat tires

A flat tire in Las Vegas, or anywhere for that matter, never happens at a convenient time. Understanding the most common reasons for tires to go flat can help you avoid discovering a flat tire in your driveway when you’re already late for work. Most tire issues can be diagnosed and fixed long before you find yourself on the side of the road on a rainy night trying to wrestle the spare onto the wheel hub.

Normal Wear and Tear

A car’s tires wear out faster than any other part of the car because they are always in contact with the road. The simple friction of driving will wear away a tire’s tread, which can lead to a flat tire when parked or even a blowout while you’re on the road. Check your tires at least once a month to see if there is any uneven wear pattern on the tread. It’s also a good idea to have the tires rotated and balanced every six months or so.

Road Hazards

Road debris and potholes can also cause a tire to deflate. If you run over a nail or other sharp object it can lodge in the tire tread and eventually cause a leak. The impact of the tire against the sharp edge of a deep pothole can rip the tread apart and leave you on the side of the road pretty quickly. The best way to avoid road hazards is to be observant as you drive. Try not to drive through construction zones and always be on the lookout for potholes.

Weather Conditions

Excessive heat and cold are tough on tires. Summer heat can cause the tires to become overinflated and burst. Cold air has the opposite effect; the air inside the tires loses pressure and the tires will seem to have lost air. The best way to keep your tires safe from the ravages of harsh weather conditions is to store your car inside a garage when possible. Driving can affect the temperature in your tires as well, though. On a cold day the air inside the tires will expand as the tires become warm while you drive. This is another reason to try to keep tire temperatures as stable as possible.

Slow Leaks

Tires are susceptible to two types of slow leaks. Sometimes when a valve stem becomes dirty or old it will begin to leak air very slowly. You won’t notice a change at first, but eventually the tire will get low enough that it makes a difference. The other type of slow leak happens when the tire bead, which seals the tire to the rim, becomes worn. This problem usually only shows up when a tire is very old or worn out. Both of these types of leaks can be remedied by regular maintenance and by replacing tires on a regular basis.

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